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Emergency Management (EMO)



As of 1:00pm on Saturday, March 30, 2024, we have activated Level One: Enhanced Monitoring regarding “Flood Watch” of the Magaguadavic River and Lake Utopia.

Impacted communities: Bonny River, Canal, St. George, Utopia.

All gates at the St. George Hydro Dam are open. (https://www.stgeorgepower.ca/)
• Lake Utopia – 63 feet
• St. George Dam – 58 feet 

At several points along the Magaguadavic River water has broken the bank; these are areas such as the campground and the boardwalk at Adventure Lane in St. George. Water level at Lake Utopia continues to rise rather quickly with level rising a foot or more over the last 12 hours. Water should crest within the next three (3) hours. Other monitoring points are the Digdeguash Lake.

We will continue to monitor water levels and conduct evaluations of conditions, as well as prepare to increase activation level as required.

This page will provide the current emergency status for the municipality of Eastern Charlotte, as well as links to resources and information for any emergencies in progress.

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