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Terms of Use

Official Accounts

The following social media pages are the authorized, official accounts for the Town of St. George. News and information not originating from one of these sites must be confirmed through the Town Office.

News media inquiries are to be directed to the Town Office via telephone (506-755-4320), fax (506-755-4329), or email (info@townofstgeorge.com).

The Town of St. George’s social media accounts are operated by staff of the municipal office and not by members of the Town Council.

Links shared by the Town of St. George to sites and information not managed by the Town Office are offered for information only, and are not to be considered an official endorsement on behalf of the Town of St. George or members of the Town Council.

Terms of Use

The Town of St. George recognizes social media as an important tool for communicating and engaging with the public. In order to provide online spaces that are fair, open, and useful, we ask all users of our social media sites to abide by these Terms of Use.

By choosing to comment, share, or link to a Town of St. George social media account, you agree to these Terms of Use. Violating the Terms of Use may result in removal of your comment(s) and/or your access to the site.

  • Be respectful of other users. Do not post or comment in a manner which can be considered harassment, personal attacks, or abuse toward an individual or organization.
  • Stay on topic. Refrain from comments or links considered off-topic or out of context from the original post.
  • If a comment or post is considered a “duplicate” our staff will remove all but one for the sake of clarity.
  • Do not post or solicit personal or confidential information for yourself or others. This includes but is not limited to physical and mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Users who repeatedly post and delete their comments will have their access to the social media page blocked or revoked where available.
  • Do not use a “bad faith” social media account. A “bad faith” social media account is one which contributes as a negative or contrary voice and/or appears to be a false identity. An account will be deemed “bad faith” when it is marked by limited, stock or no photographs, and/or does not have “friends”, “followers”, etc.
  • Recognize and follow the Terms of Use for the social media service provider (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

All posts and comments by visitors on Town of St. George social media accounts are considered public record under provincial law and are subject to public records requests under The Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA) of New Brunswick. Those users who do not want their name, comments or posts to be public record should not post to Town of St. George social media pages.

Regarding Members of Council

Questions or concerns for Town Council should be brought to Councilors directly, or communicated through one of the following:

  • In person at the Town Office
  • Via telephone to the Town Office
  • In writing by fax (506-755-4329),
    email ([email protected]),
    Facebook Messenger, or Twitter Direct Message

Members of Town Council, including the Mayor, may have personal social media pages. Please search for them by name on your preferred social media service.